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You will find below some excerpts from the press concerning the work of the cellist Noémi Boutin.

You are a journalist and would like to have more information about Noémi?
Do not hesitate to contact us: / 0033 6 84 28 88 34

"E di questo mondo, libero da ogni riferimento a scuole o stili riconosciuti, e del linguaggio, unico ma facilmente riconoscibile di Britten, Noémi è interprete geniale e sensibile, rigorosa e fantasiosa al tempo stesso, senza mai tradire quel che di classico hanno queste splendide composizioni". Ferruccio Nuzzo, Grey Panthers, Octobre 2017

"Boutin’s technique is exemplary, with barely a note out of place - her placing of notes is calculated but never overemphatic, her sense of line has a lyricism of its own and her response to rhythm and metre is fresh and vibrant". Matthew Rye, The Strad, Avril 2017

"These are glimpsed at throughout and presented in their full finery at the end. In Boutin’s hands the music is allowed to unfold naturally". Stephen Greenbank,, Avril 2017


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